eBay Motivation Station – Treasures on our Facebook Group’s Support Saturday

I love my favorite  Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eBayMotivationStation/

Having a business can be lonely – and eSelling can be hard. It is nice to have folks who are also working to build up their business to help you with the challenges. Lots of groups go into negativity, and some even into attack – but we work to keep it very positive here.

It’s especially fun when the members share some of the items from their store once a week in Support Saturday. Here we share our items, and use as many ways to promote each other as we can. Who knows – sometimes we even purchase the item!

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Our Week’s eSelling Promotion

One of my favorite activities is to participate in the many Facebook groups that help eSellers. I am one of the co-moderators at a great group: eBay Motivation Station.  We are really supportive and I love the members. One of our weekly events is promoting some of the best items that each member has in their store or just on eBay, Amazon or etsy.  Here are some of the contributions from this week – all great products.


Meccano Erector Motion SystemMeccano Erector Motion SystemSee Now on eBayVtg. Zampiva Ceramic Sitting DollVtg. Zampiva Ceramic Sitting DollSee Now on eBayDisney Frozen Elsa and Anna Girl's Sequin Sparkle PurseDisney Frozen Elsa and Anna Girl’s Sequin Sparkle PurseSee Now on eBayFunko Frozen Pocket Pop! Mini Vinyl Figure TinFunko Frozen Pocket Pop! Mini Vinyl Figure TinSee Now on eBay

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A Listing Challenge that Works for Me

If you talk to eSellers they will consistently say that the main key to success is to LIST. Whether it is listing on eBay or sending boxes in to Amazon FBA (AKA “feeding the pig” ) , or adding items to your own store on Shopify, or a private website – nothing sells until it is listed to sell. And eBay at least seems to reward you for listing consistently, usually what happens is that you will have other things sell when you list something – it is like the lights turn on in your store.

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Taking eSelling from Hobby to a Business

I met lots of successful sellers at eBay’s 20th birthday. That extravaganza held in San Jose from September 10th through September 11th, 2015 introduced me to many professional sellers and reinforced the dream: an individual starting from just selling this or that occasionally to moving on where they were meeting their basic needs – and some people becoming very rich. These people made it obvious that eSelling can be a true business, and even very lucrative. If you want to take your eSelling hobby to a true business you will need to distinguish your site as one that is truly exceptional.

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I Love Listing Charity Sales through eBay Giving Program

One of my favorite parts of selling on eBay is listing through the eBay Giving Program.

The eBay Giving Program allows you to choose from a huge list of all kinds of local to worldwide charities easily at a level that you choose.

I love selling using eBay for charity as seller Gypzeerose. I have promoted the ASPCA, Wounded Warriors, St.Jude’s Hospital for Children, Helping Hands – Monkey Helpers, and many others. Around Christmas time I listed many of my toys to benefit Marine Toys for Tots.

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Prevent Neck Pain When Making Bucks on the Computer

Neck pain is a problem that many of us face, and this is particularly a problem of people who spend a lot of time on the computer. I will never forget reading about a woman who had become an internet millionaire but she incurred terrible crippling kyphosis after she did.
Kyphosis is a degenerative disease of the neck, and it is easy to see how working on a computer could lead to that painful disorder. A lot of the time when we speak about the ergonomic risks to being on the computer we concentrate on the wrists, but it is important that we do not forget our neck as well.

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Is it Ok to Make Money through eSelling? Is it Ok to Make Money at All?

Online Forum Benefits

Like lots of eSellers I go to garage sales to check out treasures. I have found collectible treasures, even new stuff in boxes that I can sell on eBay or send into Amazon through FBA. I also frequently check out the free section of craigslist to see if there is anything I can sell and get a bit of profit. Lots of people are happy to give things away – especially at the end of sales. But I have often read: I want my precious item (they always think it is precious) to go to a family that really needs it – not for someone to sell on eBay. I have been turned away personally at a garage sale, because I admitted I was going to try to sell the used VHS tapes she wanted to give away on eBay.

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