Taking eSelling from Hobby to a Business

I met lots of successful sellers at eBay’s 20th birthday. That extravaganza held in San Jose from September 10th through September 11th, 2015 introduced me to many professional sellers and reinforced the dream: an individual starting from just selling this or that occasionally to moving on where they were meeting their basic needs – and some people becoming very rich. These people made it obvious that eSelling can be a true business, and even very lucrative. If you want to take your eSelling hobby to a true business you will need to distinguish your site as one that is truly exceptional.

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I Love Listing Charity Sales through eBay Giving Program

Listing charity sales through the eBay Giving Program is one of my favorite parts of being an eSeller.

The eBay Giving Program allows you to choose from a huge list of all kinds of local to worldwide charities easily at a level that you choose.

I love selling using eBay for charity as seller Gypzeerose. I have promoted the ASPCA, Wounded Warriors, St.Jude’s Hospital for Children, Helping Hands – Monkey Helpers, and many others. Around Christmas time I listed many of my toys to benefit Marine Toys for Tots.

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