A Listing Challenge that Works for Me

If you talk to eSellers they will consistently say that the main key to success is to LIST. Whether it is listing on eBay or sending boxes in to Amazon FBA (AKA “feeding the pig” ) , or adding items to your own store on Shopify, or a private website – nothing sells until it is listed to sell. And eBay at least seems to reward you for listing consistently, usually what happens is that you will have other things sell when you list something – it is like the lights turn on in your store.

I wish that wasn’t so. I wish I could just get to a certain number of items in my store, and it run by itself. But that is not the way it is.

I know that, and yet it is hard to list. Part of it is the true logistics of it, I work full time and it is hard to get it going on my off time. That is why my son is always yammering to me about getting starting on drop-shipping, while not a panacea it would make it easier to list. FBA is much easier than eBay in a lot of ways, especially if you go off of existing listings. Yes ease of listing is a big deal for me.

I have found shortcuts: using stock photos from a wholesaler I bought from and using my scanner for flat items is one. Also, any opportunity you have to list more than one item in a listing is great.

But sometimes I just need a nudge. Many people on Facebook groups and such have listing challenges. I have participated in “list five items, ten items, etc a day but have not found not is as effective for me.

What I have found that works for me is to add up the monetary value of what I am listing.  I am from Missouri, so I am a Show Me the Money kind of gal! For instance,  I just went out and need some great sourcing: I found some true bargains at some local thrift stores. I love the thrill of the chase: it is fun to find an item selling for a few bucks that you can flip for ten to twenty times the value. But when I brought them home they just sat around and stared at me. I vowed that I would not buy ANYTHING  until I listed $1500.  I have been madly listing stuff on eBay – maybe not big for the super-sellers but big for me. Everyday I am adding the monetary value of what I am at, and it is working! I sent a huge shipment to Amazon today, so I am at $1077.48 for a few days! I was really excited about the FBA shipment I sent off too: most of the items were at least $20,  which meant that the FBA fees are much less.

Well, whatever works for you – make it happen. Get to listing!


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