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Here is a video that brought together Tai Lopez, one of my favorite and inspirational entrepreneurs with  Habitat for Humanity – one of my favorite charities.

I have been blessed when I gave to charity, both through my business and personally.  It is a wonderful way to know that you can make your life matter with just a little bit of giving. The American dollar can go very far in other countries: I gave a 250 dollar donation through my church one time and helped a person go to school to be a teacher for a year. Giving has a snowball effect, with the world becoming better as each person’s life is made a little easier.

I really was intrigued about what Tai said about how giving creates a spark in your life that helps bring about prosperous ideas. For whatever reason I know this is true.

I list many of my listings through eBay listing program. I  have been amazed at the wide variety of wonderful causes that I can support. I often try to match the charity to the item I am listing, for instance I will support a Musician charity such as “Musicians On-call”  when I listed a music CD.

In response to this Youtube video by Tai Lopez, I donated from my eBay listings to Heifers for Humanity. Just like Tai, I love this charity which is truly a case of helping those who help themselves. Heifers for Humanity donates a farm animal to the desperately poor, along with training to care for it. Each recipient then passes on offspring of their animals, as well as training others to care for them.
A dear friend of mine just started a job with the Girl Scouts. I have decided to list all of my new charity listings to donate to Girl Scouts when they sell. I will be doing this through the end of

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I hope you find a way to give more in your own life, you will be blessed.
Here is the transcript of the above video, in case you would rather read it. I felt inspired transcribing it: especially at the point where the CEO of Habitat says that he worked on “changing the psychology of the recipient.” I think this is essential to prosperity: learning to change your mind to change your life.
Alright  charity how much should you be giving?
This is a controversial concept believe it or not. Whenever  I talk about charity, about 10 percent people comment on the video “don’t give to charity” “it it does the wrong thing,”  “goes all to fees,” and it “doesn’t help the poor.”
Today about a very special but special guest Pierre Ferrari  from Heifer Project:  one of my favorite charities. You may have seen my other project about Heifer Project.
Give to charity – just as an experiment!
There’s a few things you will never go broke doing –  there’s a lot of things you can do to go broke, here’s the things in my experience I’ve never gone broke doing.
Here are some things that you will never go broke on:
1.We talk about investing in your own brain – so nobody’s going broke in the world by reading books, I’m telling it is not happening . If you  are reading the books and as long as  you’re not buying you know worthless books . Read the books we are talking about, the  the books kind of booksellers we talk about it on the site.
2.  people never go broke –  generally – when they go to  conferences get mentors, etc to improve themselves.
3. You will never go broke giving to charity.
Charlie Munger the billionaire says it is  inverted:
what makes you broke is
1. Laziness
2. Unreliability
If you activate the right part of  your brain by being happy – we talk about when you give you become happier – you become more creative. When you become more creative  you come up with a new idea that makes you the  next thousand dollars,  10,0000 dollars 10 million dollars.
You know I poses a challenge on a piece on YouTube where I challenged  people to give more – to the point where they’re uncomfortable – and then send me the stories. So far my  favorite story  if you haven’t heard it was of this this young kid about 12 years old. He wrote he said he gave  twenty dollars to a homeless person at the mall and he said that’s a lot of money. He said “I got home that day and my sister  just said “I have  a hundred and I’m  gonna give it to you!” If anyone  knows  my sister you know she never  gives me anything.
 Adam Friedmann, you were are you are awesome with your  work with large donors here. You said your experiences with a lot of large donors was they said when they really started giving that started somehow magically  coming back.2:42
Yeah in a big way some of the  largest philanthropists in the world say the same thing :that with service crazy thing happens to them: the more money they give away the  more positive and success
comes their way. I’m telling you even if you’re an atheist or if your religious, almost every religion:  Christianity, Islam, Judaism  is big on charity.
Socal neurosciences the new field which basically says “We’re  animals,  humans creatures need to  benefit
a village to feel happy. In neurological studies,
under a brain scanner if you’re only living for yourself
you experience lower levels dopamine in all this kind of thing so
at the end of the day no matter what your beliefs are
it makes sense to do something. Buddhist thought is  actually very much aligned with this, they believe that the  only way to be happy is to commit yourself to others.
 What  we see in the projects is really the most interesting, as you know Heifer  provides all the training people need, and we shift the psychology of the people, and then we are expecting them to pay forward whatever animal and training they have received.
So what you see when the “Passing on the Gifts Ceremony ” happens  all the community folks get together, the psychosocial joy and  of the recipients  is more important . When you get all these recipients beneficiaries actually giving first female animal to another group
and the the elevation of spirit in the place is absolutely unbelievable.”
Any one story that stands out in your life where you’re going ” I’m the CEO of something cool.”
“We have this this woman was us a project beneficiary in Nepal and she started off very, very poor – I mean she had nothing. So  we placed some goats  with her – her name is “Sita.” Three goats: two  females,  one male and today she is running one of the largest
nonprofit operations in Nepal.  600 employees , she’s working and she’s one of our biggest  partners in Nepal.
Wow very connected nice that’s the human spirit right.
So here is the link to the Heifer Project:  100 percent goes to the charity so it’s tax deductible for you. You can give any amount, you can give a goat, a flock of  chicks, even a water buffalo. So anything that supporting agriculture are that’s been done the right way
I feel like I wanna support Heifer project!
Also Pencils of Promise helps build and support schools worldwide
Click the link to donate and then write me or comment on the video about something cool that happened.
Tai Lopez has a lot of money to donate. But I have some,  and I can support the charities I value when I use eBay giving!


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