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More on the Benefits of Charity in eBay and Your Business

Here is a video that brought together Tai Lopez, one of my favorite and inspirational entrepreneurs with  Habitat for Humanity Рone of my favorite charities.

I have been blessed when I gave to charity, both through my business and personally. ¬†It is a wonderful way to know that you can make your life matter with just a little bit of giving. The American dollar can go very far in other countries: I gave a 250 dollar donation through my church one time and helped a person go to school to be a teacher for a year. Giving has a snowball effect, with the world becoming better as each person’s life is made a little easier.

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I Love Listing Charity Sales through eBay Giving Program

Listing charity sales through the eBay Giving Program is one of my favorite parts of being an eSeller.

The eBay Giving Program allows you to choose from a huge list of all kinds of local to worldwide charities easily at a level that you choose.

I love selling using eBay for charity as seller Gypzeerose. I have promoted the ASPCA, Wounded Warriors, St.Jude’s Hospital for Children, Helping Hands – Monkey Helpers, and many others. Around Christmas time I listed many of my toys to benefit Marine Toys for Tots.

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