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eBay Motivation Station – My Favorite eBay Support Group

I love my favorite  Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eBayMotivationStation/

This group was started by Kim Marie Sager, of Then and again Treasures (http://stores.ebay.com/thenandagaintreasures/) – and I was lucky enough to become a co-moderator.

I sell  on Ebay as Gypzeerose Bargains and Treasures, and as the business developed I struggeled with this question:

How do you keep your eBay Motivation high?  What keeps the business fun so that your eBay motivation is natural?

Having a business can be lonely – and eSelling can be hard. It is nice to have folks who are also working to build up their business to help you with the challenges. Lots of groups go into negativity, and some even into attack – but we work to keep it very positive here.

It’s especially fun when the members share some of the items from their store once a week in Support Saturday. Here we share our items, and use as many ways to promote each other as we can. Who knows – sometimes we even purchase the item!

We also try polls as instruction aids, and anything to make it easier for each other.

The belief is that although we are competing against each other we are also helping each other.

eBay Motivation

eBay Motivation is easier when you have some friends in the biz!

It is also nice to know where to go to get answers for your questions, and there are lots of people who will come out to be with you.

ebay Motivation
Facebook Group Support

Our group is open, loosey -goosey and easy peasy and I love that!  Anything except for bashing, blatant negativity, (grumbling is ok) or too much overt promotion is allowed.

Some groups don’t allow for item identification, or have too many specific rules.  I have been kicked out of groups for what seemed to be not much of a reason, it is nice to have a group that gives you a second chance.

Entrepreneurs are a rowdy bunch. It is nice to have a group that wants people rather than looking for excuses to get rid of them.

All in all eBay – or eSelling of any type: Poshmark, Amazon, etsy or whatever – is easier if you stop by the eBay Motivation Station!

eBay Motivation



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