I Love Listing Charity Sales through eBay Giving Program

Listing charity sales through the eBay Giving Program is one of my favorite parts of being an eSeller.

The eBay Giving Program allows you to choose from a huge list of all kinds of local to worldwide charities easily at a level that you choose.

I love selling using eBay for charity as seller Gypzeerose. I have promoted the ASPCA, Wounded Warriors, St.Jude’s Hospital for Children, Helping Hands – Monkey Helpers, and many others. Around Christmas time I listed many of my toys to benefit Marine Toys for Tots.

I have found that this is a fun way to express individuality with my site. When I listed a cap with a train, I searched for “trains” in the search engine of Giving works and came to the After 26 depot. That organization is a cafe and gift shop in Michigan with a train depot theme. As far as is  possible the center is run by developmentally disabled adults, who since they live in this nebulous land “After 26” have aged out of many programs. They work hard to create delicious quality food. It is cool to support a worthwhile charity, and at the same time know that I know of a restaurant in Michigan where I could find a tasty meal. What was nice about that charity is that I received a personal letter of thanks from one of the officials in the charity group. She said it had been a hard winter and she really appreciated the listings, especially since I had listed so many items.

When the horrific earthquake in Nepal occurred, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t think of anything I could do. I pledged to list 100 items for UNICEF, which was making the earthquake relief it’s primary concern. I listed those and my current campaign is to list 500 items for a local charity:  the Stride Center and ReliaTech.  The Stride Center is an anti-poverty organization putting people to work in new careers in information technology in the Bay Area and beyond – including members of my own family. ReliaTech, the nonprofit social venture, fixes, refurbishes, and recycles computers. It was a terrific feeling to know that my eBay business is helping a charity that directly positively affects my family. The Stride Center quit listing through eBay Giving works for some reason, but that is ok – there are lots of other options.

Besides feeling good when I list charity sales and auctions, there are other advantages to using eBay giving works. One is that sales that are through items listed through eBay Giving have at least 10 percent more traffic. I know that if I am looking for an item and one item gives to eBay charities I am more inclined to buy it, and I have used that as a factor in my search. I have also noticed that if I tweet an item with #charity I will get immediate re-tweets.  Note: I have actively sought out and followed any group that has “charity” in its name on Twitter. And of course there is the nice benefit of getting a tax write off for your eBay Giving work deductions.

Ebay Giving has been and will continue to be an integral part of my business. I find new charities every day – although I haven’t supported the Zombie Rights charities that the young lady in the video is concerned with. 🙂




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