Is it Ok to Make Money through eSelling? Is it Ok to Make Money at All?

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Like lots of eSellers I go to garage sales to check out treasures. I have found collectible treasures, even new stuff in boxes that I can sell on eBay or send into Amazon through FBA. I also frequently check out the free section of craigslist to see if there is anything I can sell and get a bit of profit. Lots of people are happy to give things away – especially at the end of sales. But I have often read: I want my precious item (they always think it is precious) to go to a family that really needs it – not for someone to sell on eBay. I have been turned away personally at a garage sale, because I admitted I was going to try to sell the used VHS tapes she wanted to give away on eBay.

I have also mentioned that sometimes I have try to flip goods on eBay or FBA when I go to thrift stores and am asked, and although most clerks realize that with my chock full cart, I am the best thing that has happened to their store, a few have raised their eyebrows. One woman in a charity thrift store told me never to tell that to another thrift store, that they were working hard to support their charities and didn’t need me and my commercial ways.

I must say that attitude has me at a loss. A lot of those people are having the garage sale just to make a bit of money for their families, a lot of the charities are to help the poor and those down on their luck. A lot of people sell their stuff when they are desperate.

Okay, let’s see – as an eSeller I am willing to come home from a job to work another one, to dig through thrift store bins, watch out for free stuff on the street, scour the stores for clearance items, to listen through endless YouTube videos and read through products I have paid for for needed info, to be constantly scanning,organize stuff when organizing stuff is not my strong suit, wade through bubble wrap and packing paper, pack up heavy boxes for sale, figure out profit margins, dealing with customer service which can be a demanding task, travel out of my way to go to eBay Meetups if I think it is going to help, and do our favorite thing – pay taxes.

Why would there even be a question about whether it is right to make money through eSelling, or to make money at all? I think that is because a lot of us have a fear of making money because it is associated with something a little dirty, and eBay is sometimes seen as not as glamorous as other ways of making money.

But if your or I make money, we will be part of the solution, not the problem. I do that because I want a way to make money so that I can support myself. If I support myself and my family I am one less person to be a burden on society. And support others – the more I make, the more I have to give. I have found lots of other ways to support others as an eSeller too: through eBay charity auctions and through returning some of the treasures I find to thrift stores as donations.

And I have found eSelling has saved people’s lives and livelihoods. I know many people who have started eBay and FBA after lay offs. Many have started by selling what is in their own home. Most people want an eSelling business to spend time with their family. Some people who sell on eBay or FBA have family limitations that make it impossible or very difficult to work. I know a lot of eSellers that have kids with special problems, and eSelling makes it easier for them to be with their kids when they need them.

Some of these people have developed niches, learned about collectibles, or oddities and delighted others by bringing hard to find items to them. Some people love their treasures, some just want to make a buck – and I think it is all good. Some eSellers go around with scanners attached to their hip, and some have developed hard earned contacts with wholesalers. Some of the most bad-ass have dumpster dived for their treasures. They are trying to make a buck and I think they are doing the right thing. Some of the nicest people I know are eSellers.

eSelling brings needed moneys to families, helps build up communities through supporting those thrift stores, retail stores, people selling in the garage sales and even the US Post Office.Is eSelling a good thing to do? I think it is. Definitely it is okay to make money, and making money through eSelling is a great idea.

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