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I suffered the Duplicate Listing Penalty: What Getting Suspended from Listing for One Week Taught me

Duplicate listing on eBay is a big no-no РeBay considers this spamming and punishes the offenders. I had this punishment given to me recently, and it really changed my style. I had actually done it several times and they just pulled the duplicate listing.  They may have even slapped my hand one time, and then pulled it when I called. Then they actually suspended me as well. Wow. I called member services, and they did not allow me back on. They said the next time would be 14 days. Mine were honest mistakes as well, not realizing that I had an item on GTC as well as 30 days, or auction. Sometimes you will be stopped automatically from the relist but sometimes not. I sound like a super offender but I was not: eBay just really hates this particular offense.

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