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I suffered the Duplicate Listing Penalty: What Getting Suspended from Listing for One Week Taught me

Duplicate listing on eBay is a big no-no РeBay considers this spamming and punishes the offenders. I had this punishment given to me recently, and it really changed my style. I had actually done it several times and they just pulled the duplicate listing.  They may have even slapped my hand one time, and then pulled it when I called. Then they actually suspended me as well. Wow. I called member services, and they did not allow me back on. They said the next time would be 14 days. Mine were honest mistakes as well, not realizing that I had an item on GTC as well as 30 days, or auction. Sometimes you will be stopped automatically from the relist but sometimes not. I sound like a super offender but I was not: eBay just really hates this particular offense.

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A Listing Challenge that Works for Me

If you talk to eSellers they will consistently say that the main key to success is to LIST. Whether it is listing on eBay or sending boxes in to Amazon FBA (AKA “feeding the pig” ) , or adding items to your own store on Shopify, or a private website – nothing sells until it is listed to sell. And eBay at least seems to reward you for listing consistently, usually what happens is that you will have other things sell when you list something – it is like the lights turn on in your store.

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