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Retail Arbitrage is DEAD if you want to List New Products

Retail Arbitrage is Dead? Really? Maybe so.  Wholesaling And private label sourcing may become the only way to go if I, and other eSellers if we want to list items as new, especially on Amazon.

Retail arbitrage is the standard way that most people source for Amazon and eBay. Savvy shoppers have learned that they can resell bargains from local stores for a big profit, especially through Amazon FBA.

However, I am getting more and more interested in wholesale and private label sourcing. There are increasing tales of people losing their accounts because they are selling retail arbitrage items as new. Amazon doesn’t really care, all they want is a profit – but if the company complains that you are selling their items as “new” and you are not a licensed wholesaler for them they can get you shut down.

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