eselling on ebay

Taking eSelling from Hobby to a Business

eselling on ebay

I met lots of successful sellers at eBay’s 20th birthday. That extravaganza held in San Jose from September 10th through September 11th, 2015 introduced me to many professional sellers and reinforced the dream: an individual starting from just selling this or that occasionally to moving on where they were meeting their basic needs – and some people becoming very rich. These people made it obvious that eSelling can be a true business, and even very lucrative. If you want to take your eSelling hobby to a true business you will need to distinguish your site as one that is truly exceptional.

There has been criticism that eBay is moving to just being a Sears on the Web, but I don’t think so. In other words, eBay is favoring the giant corporation sellers. I don’t think so. It seems to me that  eSelling – and having your own eCommerce site or eBay in particular –  offers you opportunities to bring your personality and interests into your business. You can choose a niche, make money on your own time, donate to the charity of your choice through eBay Giving, recycle used goods into cash, or just make valuable family memories as you work on your business together.

You are now a seller on Amazon and eBay, but you want to sell more. Learning how to do that makes all the difference.

I wondered what made a successful eSelling business, and what kept it at the occasional or hobby level. The question is how do I sell more stuff, quicker and for more money in eBay, FBA and Merchant fulfilled Amazon and through eSelling in general?

Let’s look at just a few things that  can set your business apart:

  • First of all is getting great stuff for a good price. Some people are into a tight niche, like some crafters, some of us are more like a general store. But even the general store model will need to know what price to pay for an item and what will sell. I do not consider myself to be niched out yet, but I do realize that if I would stumble upon a size 6X (plus size) Hawaiian (another sought after niche) NEW shirt, especially with sought after brands,  I might really have a gold mine.
  • Frequency of listing.  eBay especially seems to favor sellers who are always providing new items for the buyers, similar to Google’s love of fresh content. This is another problem for me, I am constantly seeking to improve the speed of listing.
  • Pictures, title, content: Pictures are my nemesis. Because of my day job hours, I have a very limited time to take pictures in a natural setting, and even that is limited by the weather. I am currently setting up a studio, have learned about stock photos for new items, and have learned about using a scanner for flat items.  During the time that I have been selling I have struggled with different cameras and light-boxes.  The picture part of my business is a work in progress but it a work.
  • Business Practices and Reputation – Does your buyer trust that if they purchase an item from you it will be what they wanted or if not you will make right? Are you squared away with the officials when it comes to paying taxes and other business concerns? If not you will just not do well. And by the way: is your business anonymous? Smart business people are
  • Social networking – The Internet is the Barbershop of this century, where friends meet and relationships are made that can make or break your business.

I believe that almost everyone should take it upon themselves to learn to do a little eSelling. Having eSelling skills in your quiver is invaluable if you ever need a little money, and it can be a profitable hobby. But the more that you can focus on getting good stuff, perfecting your pictures and listings, making sure that you have excellent business practices and are developing a great reputation, and develop your social networking the more you will take that hobby into a real business.

I realize that each of this areas are worlds in themselves  and I will post frequently about them.

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